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Maisie Jenkins-Clarke wins Ymlaen Llanelli’s Easter Egg Hunt

Maisie Jenkins-Clarke wins Ymlaen Llanelli’s Easter Egg Hunt

EIGHT year old Maisie Jenkins-Clarke was the lucky winner of this year’s Ymlaen Llanelli’s Easter Egg hunt.

For nearly two weeks during the Easter holidays, children were able to take part in a competition which saw them look for 10 wooden eggs hidden in businesses around Llanelli town centre.  Some of the eggs were placed in shop windows and others hidden in the shops themselves ensuring the task was not an easy one!

The competition was run in conjunction with Llanelli Library who gave out the entry forms. They also housed the post box for completed forms and handed out a crème egg to every child that managed to finish the trail and find all the eggs. 74 entry forms were posted back to the library with the overall winner being drawn at random by library staff.

The ten businesses that took part were BJs Café, The Welsh Shop, Thai Taste, the Card Centre, Jenkins, Andrew Price, Griff’s Tattoo, Red 10 American Diner, Joe’s Ice Cream and Llanelly House. None of the businesses knew where the other eggs were hidden, much to the frustration of some of the children…

Maisie, a frequent visitor to the library, was the lucky winner of the chocolate hamper donated by Wilko and Joe’s Ice Cream. She was very pleased that all of her hard work (helped by her mum) had paid off and planned to donate some of the eggs to a local nursing home.

Ymlaen Llanelli Manager Mandy Jenkins said, “The competition was a great way to get people visiting the different businesses in town and see some they may not have previously been aware of. I’m really pleased we had so many entries. Thanks to the library staff for doing most of the work and encouraging children to take part in the competition, it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Well done to Maisie and all the other children that took part. We’ll make sure to make it harder next year!”

For more information on Ymlaen Llanelli and how you can get involved, please contact BID Manager Mandy Jenkins on 07803 503972 or

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