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Madge’s cart before the horse response

Madge’s cart before the horse response

Dear Editor,

Just read Councillor Kevin Madge’s “Cart before the Horse” response to the North Dock Development, a brilliant politician’s comment knowing nothing concrete will happen, the land was cleared over a year ago at the Pontrillias site and a “Level Crossing” over the main railway line has also been built.

We can go way back in the late 1980’s when the route for a by-pass was established between the old steelworks and Sandy Road, it was turned down because the Council wanted the extra rate revenue the 300 or so homes know as Sandy Water Park was more lucrative. Sandy Road was a traffic “Black Spot” then, what difference would “a few more houses” make, they said.

Then Llanelli RFC ran into enormous debt and plans were put in place for 450 houses to be built on a ‘C2 Flood Plain’, later reduced to 355. They couldn’t redevelop Stradey Park as the road infrastructure couldn’t cope with the extra traffic and against all Planning Policy of Wales Document Rules it went ahead. What difference would a few extra houses make? They forgot to mention a massive Primary School (Ffwrnes) and upgrades for Ysgol Stradey and College Sir Gar.

The Council drip feed these housing developments as putting all in one basket will clearly show the road “really wouldn’t cope” with what was being thrust upon it, especially as Sandy Road is the worst polluted road of its kind in Wales.
Before the turn of the New Millennium, the Council stated that a “by-pass has to be built” more bull to shut us all up, since then a by-pass was built for Burry Port, whose harbour has seen massive improvement including a housing development and a new school, now there are 120 houses on the Goodig site and for all these to go to Llanelli, they will have to use Sandy Road.

The Wellness Village will soon be a reality, not forgetting all the housing development all along the coast from the North Dock to Loughor Bridge together with a new Golf Course and soon to be a hotel there.
So what is the “upgrade” for Sandy Road, if it were possible, why has it not been done already? How can you free up more space to accommodate more traffic? Rumours are rife that the Council will take all the parking space away from Sandy Road residents from Sandy Roundabout to the Maesycoed junction to allow for a three lane road (check out Facebook), where will these cars park, it is also rumoured that a compulsory purchase order is to be issued to take away the frontage of these homes, taking the pollution closer to the residents and where pray tell will the bus stop go.

These residents are already experiencing the abysmal effects of the “Berlin Wall” an ugly steel fence built “not as per conditions of planning” a wall that leaks so badly during bad or prolonged weather, bad enough to flood many homes in Sandy Road on a regular basis. This wall was built over the “Red Line” and has narrowed sections of the lane so much that a car parked there cannot be passed by any other car, let alone the Refuse Collection Lorry, a private lane in deplorable condition.

Where can Sandy Road residents turn for help? Forget our AM Lee Waters who is totally against by-passes (Newport, Llandeilo and Sandy) is that why the Assembly promoted him to Minister of Transport, a move which curtails his ability to speak up against them. As ex Chairman of Sustrans, he brilliantly raised over £4 million for the Cycle Network, example the Llanelli to Llangennech doubled sided route, and we still regularly see cyclists three abreast on the main carriageway, he can’t raise a “penny” for the Sandy By-Pass !
MP Nia Griffith was initially in favour of the by-pass, we cycled and walked the route together which she whole heartedly approved, why has she recently turned her back on it, and it’s not only me that thinks that. Visit the area and ask around.

Mr. Waters had wonderful planet saving ideals, car sharing (failed), staggered starts at schools (failed), planting bushes, hedges, plants and even trees in Sandy Road, these all he says will dilute the air pollution. How long will this foliage take to grow big enough to make what he believes a difference and more importantly where will this greenery be planted, if the Council intend to remove our frontage? If you can’t bring the trees to Sandy Road, take the road to the trees, a route is already well known. It will clean up the air pollution of Sandy Road and the greenery on the new route will dilute the pollution greatly saving the planet even more, or is Mr Waters more concerned about cyclists than the devastation that is in Sandy Road now.

When the Stradey Park Development plans were presented there were three exits from the site, Maesycoed, Denham Avenue and Stradey Park Avenue, the later never came to fruition, the worst congested times of the day are start and finish of the school day, why can’t a one way route out via Stradey Park Avenue or Sandy Bridge be created, even if only during these congested hours, or do Sandy Road residents be faced with everything that is bad, where is our “Caring Council” or so their motto says they are.

If a miracle is available for Sandy Road, what then will happen with all this increase in traffic and pollution and what are the Council going to do about Bassett Terrace in Pwll? The Council have already blocked off the Stradey Woods Road. Apparently this predicament could end up in the courts. Well repair and open up this route, then argue the toss in the courts, a road that collapsed because of the increase of traffic using it as a “rat run” to avoid Denham Avenue. A residential route now getting destroyed to save sharing out the burden, we all will have to demand a “rate rebate” from our “Caring Council”

There is a way out, the only way out for the powers that be, but they will never take it to ease Sandy & Stradey Residents pain – A BY-PASS

Ray Jones, Sandy Road resident

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