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Love Island star Idris Virgo visits Llanelli

Love Island star Idris Virgo visits Llanelli

STAR of ITV’s Love Island and professional boxer Idris Virgo visited Llanelli yesterday, Friday (Sep 28) to promote his upcoming fight.

The 25-year-old was staying at the Coastal Bar & Grill on Queen Victoria Road, Virgo travelled from Birmingham.

Virgo holds a 2-0 professional record, with both of his wins taking place in Birmingham.

In the summer of 2018 he took part in Love Island, which is a British reality dating show where single people move to a luxury paradise in the hope of finding love.

When asked about criticism of the ‘perfect image’ and the impact it can have on young people, Virgo replied: “I think the critics are wrong to be honest, to go onto Love Island you don’t have to look a certain way.

“You have got to have confidence and you need the personality, but most importantly you need to just be yourself.”

Idris has said he likes to read, especially inspirational stories during his ‘off time’. He says that he also likes to have ‘positive’ people around him.

He said: “Having a sense of humour is important and can be a nice positive in someone.”

Virgo has now turned his attention back onto his boxing career where he is looking to make a big impact.

Speaking about his entry into professional boxing the Love Island star said: “My boxing inspirations back in the day would be Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Roy Jones. The boxers of today that inspire me are Anthony Joshua, Anthony Yarde and Chris Eubank.”

His next fight takes place on November 2nd at the O2 in London where Idris thinks that the crowd watching his fight will be a ‘mixture of Love Island fans and boxing fans’.

Speaking about the upcoming fight he said: “What I would like to do is combine reality TV fans and boxing fans together, which would bring something new to the sport of boxing.”

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