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Lord Michael Howard of Lympne is Grammar School Association’s guest speaker

Lord Michael Howard of Lympne is Grammar School Association’s guest speaker

Lord Michael Howard of Lympne CH QC KC was the guest speaker at the Llanelli Boy’s Grammar Old Boys  and Graig Former  Pupils Association reunion on Friday, (Oct 7) which was held at the Diplomat Hotel in Llanelli. Watch the interview with Lord Howard here: 

Lord Howard was accompanied by his wife Lady Howard and met with the owner of the hotel Mr Paul Jenkins. The couple were greeted by members of the association and civic dignitaries including the Chairman of Llanelli Rural Council Giles Morgan and his Consort Mrs Claire Morgan.

The black tie dinner was well attended and Mr Paul Oram BBSc, MBA was the master of ceremonies for the evening.

The evening began with an introduction from Mr Paul Oram followed by a toast to His Majesty the King.

Mr Hywel Houghton-Jones gave the thanksgiving before dinner was served.

Following dinner there was a wonderful performance by James Oakley one of the members of Loud Applause Rising Stars. He received a tremendous applause from the association for a most excellent performance.

Mr Peter Lane introduced the Guest Speaker Lord Howard of Lympne who followed on with a wonderful talk about the 70th anniversary of his first day at the Grammar School. He regaled the audience with extracts from part of his life along with memories of his school days and a potted history of how life in the UK has changed over those 70 years.

Professor Stuart Cole presented Lord Howard with a photo of one of the carrier bags and some hats from Howard’s shop in Llanelli and Noah Evans presented Lord Howard with prints of a map containing the coats of arms of towns of Wales along with historic battle sites. Both presentations were gratefully received by Lord Howard.

Mr Paul Oram invited the association and guests to toast

Taking wine  with the Chairman

The Principal Guest

Former pupils of Yr Ysgol ar y Bryn

Former pupils of Yr Ysgol Dan y Bryn

Former pupils of The Graig

There then followed a raffle followed by the bringing to the end of events with a rendition of the school song.

The Association committee gratefully acknowledge the assistance of former pupils in their support of the school reunion dinner.

Images: ©Llanelli Online

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