Sunday, May 28, 2023

London terrorist attack

Reports of a terrorist attack in London are surfacing via mainstream news – media outlets. Police have confirmed more than one fatality after a terror attack on London Bridge and Borough Market. There have been reports of a speeding van veering into crowds and reports of men attacking members of the public with knives.

There are reports of “multiple” casualties and walking wounded

Officers are understood to be looking for three suspects who may be armed. London Bridge railway station is closed while transport police deal with the incident
Transport for London says the bridge is closed to all traffic.

Witnesses have described seeing men running with knives. One witness said he was at Borough Market underground when he saw people running away shouting and a man with a large blade stabbing a a man. He said that the man was being stabbed before slumping to the ground.

Witnesses said that after the stabbing the attacker walked away calmly and shortly afterwards there followed gunshots.

Emergency services were on the scene within minutes. Witnesses describe seeing other victims who appeared to have been stabbed or shot.

This latest terrorist attack in the U.K. comes only eleven days after the attacks in Manchester. There is an ongoing police operation in the Borough Market area of London. Two locations have been targeted. A van hit people on London Bridge shortly after 10pm. Witnesses say they saw the van swerve and hit five or six people.

Reports are surfacing of the walking wounded being treated at an hotel earlier in the evening. Most victims have now been taken to hospital. There is a large presence of emergency service personnel in the area and there are armed police on the streets. Reports of explosions are also being relayed on some news outlets.




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