Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Llyn Llech Owain country park set for major improvement

Llyn Llech Owain country park set for major improvement

POPULAR with park runners, nature enthusiasts and young families, Llyn Llech Owain country park is set to be revamped thanks to a £130,000 grant from the Welsh Labour Government.

The works will include upgrading the landscape and boardwalks, as well as improving the children’s playground and visitor and education centres.

The funding is part of the Welsh Government’s Valleys Regional Park (VRP), which creates a network of natural and cultural sites across the South Wales Valleys for people to enjoy. Places like Llyn Llech Owain are able to benefit from this funding after Llanelli’s Member of the Welsh Parliament, Lee Waters, successfully lobbied for the boundaries of the Valleys Taskforce to be extended to cover the Amman and Gwendraeth Valleys.

Announcing the grant in the Senedd, Mr Waters, who is now Chair of the Valleys Taskforce, said “I am very pleased to be able to award this status and funding package to Llyn Llech Owain country park; one of only 11 sites across Wales to be named as a “Discovery Gateway” for the VRP.

“We’re investing more than £6.6 million in similar Discovery Gateways across Wales. As well as being fantastic destinations in their own right, they will tell the stories of the Valleys and act as launchpads, encouraging local people and visitors to explore and discover the surrounding towns, villages and wider landscape.”

He went onto add “The funding for the visitor and education centres will make it easier for people to come and work at a hot desk in Llyn Llech Owain. We want more people to be able to work flexibly, and in their local communities, not just at home all the time like during the first lockdown. So why not swap a commute for a day a week in the park with a nature walk for your lunch hour?”

You can find out more about the VRP here: https://valleysregionalpark.wales/about-vrp/

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