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Llongyfarchiadau Kathryn Greenslade

Llongyfarchiadau Kathryn Greenslade

KATHRYN Greenslade has represented Wales at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. Kathryn has some family links with Llanelli and Wales having a proud Welsh father and relatives including Cllr Gary Jones from Llangennech.

We contacted Kathryn to find out what it was like to represent Wales at swimming in Australia.

Speaking about her achievement Kathryn said: “I got a bronze medal in 4×1 medley relay. I have been swimming since i was a child. I was so happy to get the medal as the rest of the week didn’t go as planned. It was great to go out with the Welsh team. With Team GB it is very serious and intense. When you go away with Wales it is more chilled. The welcome in Australia was amazing. We were in Australia for a month in total.

We asked if the outdoor pool had affected the results for athletes. Kathryn said: “The outdoor pool did present problems. When you swim outdoors it is completely different especially if it is raining or windy. The sun also reflects off the water and it was really hot.

Speaking about her family Kathryn said: “My Dad is Welsh so I was able to represent Wales. They were so proud. My family went out and they are very supportive. They really enjoyed the Commonwealth Games.

Kathryn said that the competition for places is tough. She said: ”There is a lot of competition to represent Wales. I am not based in Wales I am in UNI at Edinburgh. The team is scattered about the UK. It is a good standard with a lot of young people coming through. You have to be at your best. I started swimming from around 7 years-of -age. I got serious when I was around fifteen or sixteen and began swimming at quite a high level by the time I was 17. It is a long day with early starts. We train in the gym three times a week but mostly we are in the water. If you enjoy it it is fine.

Asked about her future plans Kathryn said: “I am twenty now. My plan is to continue competing. I am doing the European Championships with Team GB in August. I am at University in Edinburgh. I am training in medicine. The Uni are really supportive. I am going with no expectations. I will see how things go. I am really looking forward to the championships.”

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