Llanerch Recreational Playing Field

Llanerch Recreational Playing Field

Dear Editor,

Following the announcement that the Village Green application for Llanerch has not been successful, the Save Llanerch Recreational Playing Field Committee felt that we should make our position clear, we intend to fight to retain our recreational playing field, a much loved, tranquil, green space which has been at the heart of our community for well over 90 years.

Much has been said on the need for a new school building for Dewi Sant, which we have always fully supported, less has been said about why this needs to be built on any recreational land when so many alternative brown field sites are available.

We understand that the school were told that it was Llanerch or nowhere, and that the funding would be lost, none of which was true and has led to much unrest between the Llanerch Community and some members of the school community.

Had we been able to work together we could have ensured that a safe, appropriately sized site could have been found a long time ago, and the school could have been built by now, benefitting all concerned.

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We would like to thank our supporters and assure you all that this fight is far from over, we will continue to fight for the Community of Llanerch and the many Llanelli residents who also benefit from the use of Llanerch Recreational Playing field.

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