Llanelli ‘rocked’ by ‘loud bang’

RESIDENTS in Llanerch have reported hearing a loud bang at around 5pm today, Thursday (Feb 21).

Llanelli Online started receiving messages via our social media pages just after 5pm to say that a loud bang similar to a sonic boom had been heard in Dafen, Llanerch and Felinfoel.

Some residents reported homes shaking.

Andy Matthews wrote: “Any idea what the loud bang was about 20 minutes ago? Shook the house here in Halfway. Have enquiry in with police too. Daughter heard it in Felinfoel/Dafen too.”

Heather Peters who lives in Llanerch said: ” I heard that too not sure what it was the houses shaking
I actually jumped off the chair!”

Former BBC cameraman David Hurford said: “Hiya Enormous bang about 10 mins ago here in Llanerch Houses shook any reports you’ve heard ?”

Sian Elizabeth Pugh said: “Yesterday and today my house shook I live in Penyfan, Llanelli. Yesterday’s was earlier than today’s loud bang today’s was dead on 5 pm my dogs and cat got spooked and the whole house shook.”

We checked a number of official sites, which measure and update any recorded Earthquakes and we could not see any data showing any reports of an Earthquake.

We have contacted Dyfed-Powys Police to ask if they have any information.

An Earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 was recorded on Turkey’s Aegean coast yesterday.

Reports of a military controlled explosion having taken place at Llanelli beach or Pembrey area  have also come in. We have yet to confirm the reports with the police or military services.

Data on a website documenting military exercises lists the following as taking place over the last few days.

513900N 0041522W – 513723N 0041517W – 513729N 0041006W –
513906N 0041010W – 513900N 0041522W (LLANRHIDIAN SANDS, SWANSEA) MAX
HEIGHT 2000FT AGL. ON SITE CTC 01752555454. 19/02/006/LFTP

Updated data: Recent Earthquakes in the U.K.


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