Llanelli residents take bags of flies to public meeting

Llanelli residents take bags of flies to public meeting

Residents are angry and frustrated: Cllr John Prosser

COUNCILLORS in the hotspot of the fly infestation in Llanelli have said that residents are angry and frustrated over the lack of answers and the failure of the local authority and Dwr Cymru to attend the public meeting held at the Seaside sports and social club this evening, Monday (Jun 4). Dwr Cymru maintain that they did not receive an invite to attend the meeting.

The venue was packed to capacity with a number of members of the public bringing along bags full of flies.

Familiar stories of infested homes, elderly people being distressed, concerned parents covering up babies and the expense incurred by many in purchasing fly killing equipment when they can least afford it.

Paul Bateman said: “There is still a big problem. We have got to the point where we cannot open any windows or doors. We cannot sit outside. It doesn’t matter what you do they swarm around you. It is affecting local businesses around here. I hope that the councillors will come up with some sort of plan.”

Some had their own theories as to where the source might be. Graham Simkin relayed his theory to Llanelli Online saying:

We know where it is coming from we have told them where it is coming from and they have done nothing. It first started 2 years and a bit ago when they broke ground on the Delta site to build the new school. They put all the earth all the way around there. As that was coming to an end they sunk the shaft and we had an infestation of flies, new fresh earth. This year if you go down to the sewage plant they have taken the trees down at Stanley Street and they are digging out fresh organic soil again and we have had another infestation of flies.

At the end of the meeting there was a rally call from resident Amanda Carter for a march on County Hall, which gained a cheer.

When asked about marching to County Hall Mr Simkin said: “It is about time. Instead of these councillors sitting on their backsides spending our hard earned money they should be spending it on us not on fancy dinners. In the next election if they are not careful they are gonna be voted out because the people have had enough and I don’t blame them.”

Speaking after the meeting County Councillor John Prosser said:

“There was a lot of anger and frustration, which is understandable. They don’t appear to be getting any answers. Myself and fellow county councillors have had meetings with environmental health officers and they are working hard. That is no comfort. We only had a fraction of the people affected here tonight they could have filled that room another tenor twenty times over. The representatives knew the meeting was on.

Speaking about the possibility of ever finding the elusive source of flies he said:

The specialists have been looking for weeks for the source. They have called a specialist company in. When it happened in Derbyshire it took them 6 weeks to find the source and it was the size of a laptop.

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Posts continue to appear on social media sites calling for action. Town Councillor Sean Rees said that there may be a case for compensation.

He said:

While, I appreciate investigations are continuing to try and locate the source, in the meantime, there must now be practical and financial support made available to those who have been affected.

Speaking about the financial hardships some people are suffering in the area he said:

“Although we are fortunate to have great community spirit, we are not a well off area and many residents have been purchasing fly bags, swats, sprays, sticky strips. Shops in Llanelli have sold out of these products with many now turning to purchase such equipment online. There is a growing feeling amongst many of us as to whether, in fact, the authorities should be providing this equipment for free especially in those areas which have been badly affected.”

He concluded by saying: “I’m very disappointed that there were no representatives from the County Council and Environmental Health in attendance tonight as the community needs answers and we need those answers now.”


NB: Local councillors were present at this evening’s meeting.

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