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Llanelli pancake race a flipping big success

Llanelli pancake race a flipping big success

FORGET chewing gums being stuck to the pavements in Llanelli there were more than enough pancakes to scrape up after a fantastic morning of racing with pancakes as Ymlaen Llanelli put on another of their crowd pulling events in the town centre today, Tuesday (Feb 13) ‘Shrove Tuesday’.

Four local schools and a number of local businesses braved the wet conditions and turned up complete with frying pans and £20 entry fee, which went to charity.

The event started outside the iconic and historic Llanelly House, which did a roaring trade on teas and coffees as folks attempted to keep warm. A film crew from Tinopolis were on hand to capture the event and that will be aired on Henno sometime today. Our new and seasoned photographer Dai Lenscap was there to capture all those precious moments, the winners and the also rans.

Fear not if you cant access the Llanfairsanfraithbeddgelert mast as our own man with a van and a camera Iwan Lewis de-misted his lens and focused in on all the action. You can watch the fruits of his labour before he polished off those wasted pancakes as well as an interview with Ymalen Llanelli’s Mandy Jenkins by ere in a minute now.

Pancake Race 2018 from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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