Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Llanelli Online launches crowd funding page

Llanelli Online launches crowd funding page

Good morning readers. We have been hard at work establishing Llanelli Online for the last few months and that is why the politicians, businesses and people of Llanelli have seen us more than our own families. We now have a crowd funding page for Llanelli Online where you can find details of what we intend to do. These are exciting times ahead for Llanelli and Llanelli Online.

It would be great if you could show your support for Llanelli Online by making a pledge of any size. NB no money will be taken from you until the target is reached. Llanelli Online is something we are passionate about and believe has an important role to fulfil within our community. Many thanks for your support. Click on the link. Llanelli Online Crowd Funding Page

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