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Llanelli Online interviews Celtic Media Festival Director, Catriona Logan

Llanelli Online interviews Celtic Media Festival Director, Catriona Logan

THE 2018 Celtic Media Festival will take place in Llanelli this May (2018).

The three-day festival, which started in 1980, will be held at Theatre Ffwrnes with the aim of promoting and celebrating languages and cultures of the Celtic nations in media.

The festival includes film, television and radio with the Torc Award given to the winning nominations of 22 different categories.

The festival has been held in other areas of Wales including; Harlech, Cardiff, Caernarfon, Carmarthen, Bangor, Aberystwyth and Swansea.

Llanelli Online interviewed the Festival Director Catriona Logan. Here’s what she had to say:

Celtic Media Festival Director: Catriona Logan

What made you decide to hold the 2018 CMF in Llanelli?

Several towns in Wales bid to host the Celtic Media Festival in 2018, there were so many strong candidates but in the end we felt that Llanelli had so much to offer, from excellent transport links, a wonderful venue in the Ffwrnes, and the genuine warmth of the people of Llanelli.

How important is it to promote and celebrate Celtic languages through media?

It’s extremely important. To give a platform to languages that are not seen on traditional broadcasters gives people an opportunity to see a different kind of programming. Celtic languages in broadcasting help keep the languages in the mainstream consciousness.

Do you think that events like this can help and encourage people to learn their Celtic language?

Definitely, the quality of programming shines through, regardless of the language and events like this help to promote these productions. If people who don’t speak the language watch these programmes for the quality of production, they’ll be exposed to languages that are perhaps are not familiar to them and be encouraged or inspired to learn a few words.

For young and emerging talent, this must be a great opportunity to for them to listen to some of the industry’s leading people and conference speakers?

In our experience it’s a great place for young and emerging talent to further their careers and gain industry knowledge. Not only do they get to listen to leading industry professionals and the panel discussions and workshops, they get to interact with them on a social level which is invaluable.

Have you seen a rise in participation over the years?

Celtic Media Festival gets bigger every year, in terms of entry numbers we’ve been breaking records year on year for the past 5 years or so. We’re so happy with how CMF is growing, but are very aware of staying true to the ethos of Celtic Media Festival, to promote the languages and cultures of the Celtic Nations and Regions in broadcasting.

If you are allowed to say at this time, who and what can we  expect to see at this years festival?

Ah we’re keeping our cards close to our chest on this one, but there’ll be lots to enjoy for our delegates!!

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