Saturday, February 4, 2023
Llanelli MP joins union call for family friendly policies

Llanelli MP joins union call for family friendly policies

NIA Griffith MP joined the Usdaw Union on Supporting Parents and Carers Spotlight Day last Friday (24th May) to campaign for more family friendly policies.

Usdaw are highlighting the difficulties that short and unpredictable working hours can have on the family lives of workers. They want to see workers have the righ to a minimum 16 hours per week contract and family and carer-friendly rights at work for all workers from day one of employment.

Nia Griffith MP said, “It was great to join Usdaw reps on Friday to campaign for more family friendly policies, including stable employment contracts and better rights for parents and carers at work.

“The dramatic rise of agency working and temporary, part-time and zero-hour contracts in recent years is extremely worrying. Many workers who want stability are being forced to accept appalling conditions in order to get a job, and this is taking a particularly big toll on families and carers.”

“I am glad that my union Usdaw is campaigning on this issue. I and other Labour MPs will keep pushing the UK Government to improve rights at work and tackle the exploitative contracts that have flourished under the Conservatives.”

Paddy Lillis, General Secretary of Usdaw, said, “Most Usdaw members are juggling their jobs with looking after someone. Usdaw understands this can be hard even at the best of times, so all year round we campaign and negotiate for improved rights at work for parents and carers.

“Rushing out to work, unsure if you can get back to pick up the kids, trying to find time to shop and cook, needing time-off to take a relative to a hospital appointment, worrying what your hours might be tomorrow or next week and if they will fit around family life. It’s no wonder that parents and carers can feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

“Working very few hours or having insecure hours that chop and change can put parents and carers under particular pressure, because they may not get enough working hours to generate the income they need to live on.

“Usdaw is campaigning for improvements to employment rights to help, like a minimum 16 hour contract for those who want it and improved family-friendly employment rights from day one.”

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