Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Llanelli MP and AM join Eye Fest celebrations in Burry Port

Llanelli MP and AM join Eye Fest celebrations in Burry Port

NIA Griffith MP and Lee Waters AM have praised traders in Burry Port who worked together and used food, fun and leaflets to get the public talking about keeping your eyes healthy during National Eye Health week.

The traders were responding to an approach from local optometrist Loveleen Browes who asked them to use fun and interactive ways to inform their customers of the importance of diet, lifestyle and regular eye checks.

Eye friendly foods like spinach and kale were on offer in places like Cafe Lolfa and Whitfords, who did a special two course menu. Local publicans joined with The Neptune, The Hope and Anchor and The Portobello in carrying out word puzzles on a test chart and handing out simulation spectacles so that people could appreciate defects such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. The Co-op did their healthy foods competition with prizes for participating youngsters, and Harbour View Gifts and Sweets joined in with a competition to guess the amount of googly eyes in a jar!

The clothes and gifts shop Cadno and Hairdressers like Kevin’s, Squires and Reflections were handing out leaflets about Eye Fest, and the launderette set up a special information corner. The Ticket Hut was giving out information on discounted rail travel for visually impaired people and Escape to Vape had information on the dangers of smoking for your eyes. Both local garages, CJ Motors and KW Motors Ltd., were checking that people had legal driving vision.

Nia Griffith MP said “It is great to see the way that local traders have responded to Loveleen’s enthusiasm and joined in Eye Fest to help her get the message out about looking after your eyes.

“We all talk about healthy diets but how many of us knew that spinach and kale are particularly good for your eyes? Well we do now, after the Lolfa café have had delicious looking recipes up on their specials board. And with the RNIB cardboard glasses which bring home to you the reality of particular eye problems and various leaflets, there are plenty of opportunity to get talking about eye health.”

Lee Waters AM added, “This Burry Port Eye Fest is a good way to remind the public that local opticians such as Loveleen can provide primary eye health care quickly and effectively under the Welsh Eye Care Initiative and raise awareness of the importance of diet, lifestyle and getting regular eye tests.

“But more than that, this model of co-operation between traders on an issue of real concern to customers has great potential for enhancing local business. Everyone who has done their bit should be proud of themselves for using such an informative and engaging approach to promoting ways in which we can take care of our eye health.”

Loveleen Browes said, “We at Loveleen Browes opticians are delighted with this first in eye health care. We have always had an holistic approach to eye care and offer services such as the Welsh Eye Health scheme, low vision scheme and dry eye clinics.

“This is the first initiative of its kind in Wales and we are delighted to be at the forefront of such an important campaign. Looking forward to Eye Fest 2020!”

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