3rd December 2021

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Llanelli man overcome with grief as reading dog dies of Weil’s disease following rat infestation near his home

WHEN a beautiful German Shepherd reading dog died after suffering terribly from contracting Weil’s disease the owner says his family have been left grief stricken and questioning why the local council have not responded to his calls to investigate an infestation of rats at an adjacent property..

Mike Ridgeway who lives in Stepney Road, Burry Port says that the German Shepherd named Kane, died as a result of contracting Weil’s disease from rats, which have infested an abandoned property adjacent to his.

The 70-year-old contacted us to say that the dog had been ill and ended up at the vets in terrible pain. Days later Mike said the family dog had passed away having been diagnosed by the vet with Weil’s disease.

Grief stricken: Mike with a photo of his beloved dog Kane

Mike said he was disgusted that his constant calls and pleas to the council had fallen on deaf ears and resulted in the loss of his dog, which had been trained to work with special needs children in schools.

Mike said:

“I have constantly called the council. I pay a lot of council tax and I look after our home. The neighbouring property is in a terrible state, windows smashed and filth everywhere. People knock on my door regularly to say we have rats. I killed six in one day recently. I have traps set up around the house but there is an infestation here.

“I am in my 70’s and despite paying council tax I have had no help. I understand people are busy with the Coronavirus but Weil’s disease is equally deadly to people especially children.

“It worries me that we may see deaths as a result of nothing being done. Kane was a lovely dog. The grandchildren adored him. They are struggling to come to terms with his death. He suffered badly and was in agony.

“I was a policeman thirty years ago and I have seen some terrible messes but this property is among the worse I have seen.

“I have come to you to raise my concerns because no one is listening or doing anything. All I want is for this to be sorted out properly before a child, not a dog, dies of Weil’s disease.”

Jonathan Morgan, Head of Homes and Safer Communities, said: “We are in contact with Mr Ridgeway regarding issues in a neighbouring private property and have explained the actions we hope to take to resolve the issue.”

Note: Weil’s disease is a severe form of leptospirosis. This is a type of bacterial infection. It’s caused by Leptospira bacteria. You can contract it if you come into contact with the urine, blood, or tissue of animals or rodents that are infected with the bacteria.

Pics and video. Peter A Tully

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