Monday, March 20, 2023
Llanelli Herald editor throws deputy editor to the wolves

Llanelli Herald editor throws deputy editor to the wolves

THE editor of the Llanelli Herald has appeared at Swansea Crown Court  to answer further questions regarding  his appeal for a previous conviction of identifying the victim of a sexual offence in a court report.

Sinclair’s newspaper empire took a blow when he shut down the Ceredigion Herald. He claims that he shut it down as a result of the  adverse publicity and owing to the fact that advertisers had  pulled out. A former employee Kelvin Mason has claimed that Sinclair had not paid him his wages and that the paper was left without a Ceredigion reporter. Mr Mason claims he took Sinclair to tribunal. A representative of the National Union of Journalists told Llanelli Online that Sinclair didn’t  bother to turn up for the tribunal and subsequently lost the case.

Sinclair’s defense regarding the previous conviction is that he had not seen the article sent by email and claimed that it was his deputy editor Jon Coles who sanctioned the article. Coles is due to give evidence via video link on January 22nd. The hearing has been adjourned until then.



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