Sunday, May 28, 2023
Llanelli Herald editor loses appeal for conviction

Llanelli Herald editor loses appeal for conviction

Sinclair’s appeal dismissed at Swansea Crown Court

THE editor of the Llanelli Herald, Thomas Sinclair has lost his appeal for a previous conviction for putting the victim of a sexual offence at risk of identification when he appeared at Swansea Crown Court today, Monday (Jan 22).

His appeal for the conviction was dismissed and his sentence increased. He was ordered to pay court costs of £2220.

Sinclair had previously claimed that he was not at work when the article was sanctioned for publication.

Herald deputy editor Jon Coles appeared via video link having previously been named by Sinclair as the man potentially responsible for publishing the offending article.

It was clear from the courts dismissal of his appeal that they judged Sinclair to be the man responsible for the article and the conviction stands.

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