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Llanelli councillors to propose notice of motion to protect health services

Llanelli councillors to propose notice of motion to protect health services

TWO Llanelli town councillors are to propose a notice of motion at the next meeting of Llanelli Town Council on Wednesday (Apr 4).

The motion will be proposed by Councillor Sean Rees (Glanymor Ward) and seconded by Councillor Mike Cranham (Bigyn Ward).

The notice is as follows:

In accordance with Standing Order 8.1 of Llanelli Town Council, can we, the undersigned proposer and seconder give notice of a motion to be considered at the ordinary meeting of Llanelli Town Council on Wednesday 4th April 2018:-

1. This Town Council opposes any proposals to further downgrade or reduce the level of hospital services currently provided at Prince Philip Hospital.

2. Any future model of hospital services in Hywel Dda Health Board’s area should include the provision of at the very least the same level of services currently provided at Prince Philip Hospital.

3. That this Town Council writes to the appropriate officer of Hywel Dda Health Board and request that they make a presentation at this Town Council regarding the options for change for hospital services and answer any questions that Town Councillors may have in order to reassure the people of Llanelli.

4. That we write to our Member of the National Assembly for Wales, Mr Lee Waters, and ask him to assure us that he will do everything in his power and influence to ensure that no further services are lost at Prince Philip Hospital and that he will oppose any attempts to do so.

Following the meeting, Councillor Sean Rees said:

“Although I was prepared to accept the motion as amended. I do feel, personally, that it would have been much stronger if it was accepted in its original form.

“The most beneficial decisions are made only when we are able to put our political differences aside and act in the interests of our community as a whole.

“In Llanelli, unfortunately we have already witnessed our health services being cut. A number of GP shortages have been reported in surgeries across our area too. We have to ask why there is such a gap between the promises made by those in power and what is actually happening here on the ground?

“We must all value the hard work and care shown by our NHS staff despite the continued pressures they face.

“The founding principles of our NHS were to be free and accessible to all at the point of delivery. We must therefore keep a close eye on the consultation proposals for Prince Philip Hospital.

“I was very pleased to be able to speak with a number of health campaigners who had gathered outside the Town Council chamber to raise awareness and make their voices heard.

“We must have a health service where community and life-saving services are delivered as close to home as possible and one that works at its best for both our staff, patients and their families here in Llanelli.”

Councillor Mike Cranham added:

“Between us, my wife and myself have worked in the NHS in the old Llanelli General and Prince Philip Hospitals for nearly 60 years and we have seen many changes during that time.

“I am fully aware that changes may have to be implemented, but why major changes to Prince Philip Hospital once again. I feel all Llanelli residents must have access to local Health services. Llanelli is the largest town in West Wales, and we owe it to the staff and patients to secure future services for the benefit of all our communities.”

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