Sunday, January 29, 2023
Llanelli AM supports pupil campaign to tackle dog fouling

Llanelli AM supports pupil campaign to tackle dog fouling

LLANELLI Assembly Member Lee Waters has given his support to students at Ysgol Gymraeg Ffwrnes as they campaign to end dog fouling in the area. Young people at the school routinely pick up litter in the area and want to see more done to improve the environment around the school and where they live.

Pupils at the school got in touch with their AM to raise their concerns about dog mess in the area recently. They are calling on Carmarthenshire County Council to install bins for dog mess on paths frequently used by dog walkers around the school.

The students have already installed dispensers for dog waste bags around the school, but have grown frustrated at the number of filled bags that are being discarded in the area.

Pupils at the school said: “One poo bag was even thrown into the school grounds. There is a water bottle containing poo bags on a fence but unfortunately there are no bins to put the poo bags in.

“The path is used regularly by many dog owners. We would like poo bins and rubbish bins placed along the path in order to keep our community clean and tidy. “

Lee Waters said: “The pupils at Ysgol Ffwrnes are working really hard to improve their local area and we should listen to their concerns and help improve things.”

“They want to see a really simple change to help ensure that the area around their school is a cleaner and healthier place to be. After listening to what they had to say, I agree with them that putting in some bins and dispensers for waste bags, as exist elsewhere in the county, would really help.”

“I hope the county council will listen to the pupils and take action.”

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