Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Llanelli AM relieved new road plans are shelved

Llanelli AM relieved new road plans are shelved

THE AM for Llanelli, Lee Waters has welcomed the announcement that the plans for the M4 relief road will now not be going ahead.

Speaking about the announcement Lee Waters AM said:

“The Welsh Government recently declared a state of Climate Emergency, in light of the realisation that we need to do things differently to stave off the huge economic damage of climate change, it’s right that we are not going to proceed with the M4 relief road around Newport.

“When the project was proposed the cost was under £1billion, we’re now looking at something closer to £2bn. This is combined with a cloud of uncertainty over what our future budget might be. Going ahead with this massive road project would mean taking money out of budgets for health, education, public transport and housing for years to come. ”

“There are problems of congestion right across Wales, including in Llanelli and building a new section of M4 would have done nothing to help commuters across the country. That said, there are particular problems around Newport and we expect detailed recommendations from an expert panel by Christmas to improve the situation, alongside rapid actions to tackle problems in the short term. We hope this will make a practical difference much quicker than building a motorway would, which would have taken at least 5 years to construct.”

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