Thursday, June 8, 2023
Llandovery sport goes from strength to strength

Llandovery sport goes from strength to strength

Carmarthenshire County Council claim that sport in Llandovery is going from strength to strength following the transfer of Castle Fields to the community.

Their press release reads as follows:  One year on, the Llandovery Community Sports Association is celebrating its success in not only securing the facility, but enhancing the sports provision.

Since Castle Fields was transferred from Carmarthenshire County Council, it has become eligible for grant funding which the association is aiming to access.

Six sporting bodies came together to form the association – Llanwrda Cricket Club; Llandovery AFC Seniors; Llandovery AFC Juniors; Llandovery Tennis Club; Llandovery Croquet Club; and Llandovery College.

They have been working together ever since to make improvements to Castle Fields.
Most clubs are now developing their youth teams, which will in turn secure the future of sport in Llandovery.

Chair Barry Clement said: “I would like to feel that the asset transfer has been successful, and one year on clubs are working together to try to improve the facility. We were not sure how six various sporting bodies coming together to now have to operate alongside each other as a collective unit would work out.
“I think it fair to say that generally progress is being made and the facility is looking as well as it has ever looked. Some townsfolk suggest it is looking better than ever it was previously.”

Mr Clement said that litter and dog fouling remained an issue, and that Llandovery Rotary Club was funding CCTV cameras to help resolve the problems.

Repair work to the buildings is also being undertaken and should be completed in the next month ahead of the winter.

Mr Clement added: “Looking forward, it is a huge opportunity for the Llandovery Community Sports Association to continue to improve the various playing surfaces we have here by means of grant applications and our own fund raising efforts.

“Most clubs are developing their youth involvement, which in turn opens numerous grant opportunities which we hope to take full advantage of over the next few years.

“We very much hope more clubs will spring up and join us in this continuing development process and be part of something very exciting for the town of Llandovery.”

Castle Fields is one of the 82% of recreational assets successfully transferred through the county council’s programme.

Executive board member for assets Cllr David Jenkins said: “Llandovery is an excellent example of community sporting groups working together to maintain and enhance the provision in their area.

“Their efforts and achievements bode well for the future of sport in Llandovery and the surrounding area.”

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