Monday, March 27, 2023
Llandeilo Hotel offers the homeless shelter from the storm

Llandeilo Hotel offers the homeless shelter from the storm

Kind gesture: The White Hart Hotel, Llandeilo

The White Hart Hotel in Llandeilo has offered rooms to the homeless looking for a bed for the night. Other people have offered to collect and ferry those in need of a bed to and from the hotel.

The extraordinarily kind gesture was made via their Facebook page and has already attracted messages of support and thanks.

The post on their Facebook page asked:

Are there any homeless Carmarthenshire looking for a bed for the night ?… please share..

We have 8 empty warm comfy hotel rooms as residents have headed home.
Circumstances could see anyone in this unfortunate position and it’s freezing out there !!


Messages of support also appeared on their Facebook page;

Thanks Folks at the White Heart – what a generous gesture – you certainly will get my custom in the future ???

Avril Mumford: Horrid to even contemplate how anyone could survive this weather outside .the wind is bad enough but snow on top. My heart goes out to any of them .i have a spare room for a female that I’d be quite willing to offer for a few nights if needed. One never knows what’s around the corner after box me if it’s of any help
Charlotte T Bird: What a lovely thought! ?? Really do feel for anyone out in this weather it’s absolutely awful out there! Even animals ! No1 should be out in this…stay safe / warm everyone xx
Joanna Wood: Brilliant ! Will remember your kindness to others & stay with you soon & pay full rate without quibbling ! Respect to you ! X
Karyl James Matthews: What a fabulous thing to do , huge respect to you . Hope some unfortunate people find out about this and are able to take you up on this very kind gesture . SHARED ??
Julie Anne Martens: Wonderful thank you for helping others . Something we can all do in some small way. It’s lovely to get good news .

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