Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Lilly goes to school Prom Night

Lilly goes to school Prom Night

YOU may have been following our articles on Lilly Kendall (r) from Llanelli who is waiting for a  heart and double lung transplant.

Lilly who attends Penrhos School in Llanelli is restricted in what she can do due to some major health issues and she is constantly monitored. She spends a lot of time travelling between Llanelli and London for her visits to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

All this takes its toll on Lilly and her family. We have been asking you to donate to Lilly’s Just Giving Page so that Lilly and her family can enjoy some respite care and purchase some of the basic things Lilly needs to make life a little more comfortable.

This week Lilly managed to make it to her school prom Night and with the very kind help of Prom Queens Lilly was provided with a beautiful dress to wear. Thanks to Vicky’s Hair Salon Lilly also had a hair and make up makeover.

As we speed through 2018 we would like to end the year by reaching the target we set for Lilly, which is £6,000.

if you would like to donate then please visit Lilly’s Just Giving Page at Lilly Kendall


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