Sunday, April 2, 2023

Lift your way young

There is a very famous ad for a non ageing cream. It begins by stating:

“One day you realise that you are not going to be 21 forever. Yet you always want to look your best. That’s the time many women discover a secret”

Joe explains: “This is something we hear on a daily basis in the gym, but with younger ladies in awe of those older than them, lifting more than them and looking damn good too.

“I love it when I hear of delivery guys turning up and saying to my ladies “These are a bit heavy, let me do it for you” only to be shown up when they make light work of the boxes.

“As we age, we progressively lose muscle mass, which studies have shown can lead to loss of bone density and, in general, make us weaker and more frail. In everyday terms, the actions we take for granted become more and more difficult – going up and down steps, picking up something heavy, even standing up from a seat.

“With less dense bones, it becomes more likely that on the day you miss that step, or simply lose your balance, it will end with you breaking your arm, or your leg, or your hip.

“Although we can’t stop you from ageing like the claims made for that famous cream, building muscle through strength training helps to slow down the creep of frailty.

“According to medical studies, it could also help alleviate some of the symptoms of other conditions of ageing, such as osteoarthritis and type 2 diabetes, which funnily enough are on the rise in the UK.

“If all you have seen of weight lifting is Olympic lifting then you’ll be within your right to feel intimidated, but these ladies and gents didn’t start there. Starting with basic lifting and ensuring you do it correctly and safely first will help you to grow stronger and more confident in your ability.

“Imagine being able to lift two full suitcases off the floor without questioning your ability to do it. Carrying the equivalent of all your shopping bags into the house and feeling great about being able to do it.

“We all start somewhere; the main thing is when will you start?

“We specialise in helping ladies gain more confidence in themselves, increase fitness levels and achieve their ideal weight, whilst providing the tools and support that will help them maintain these positive improvements for years to come.”

Take your pick. You can opt for that famous moisturising cream or you can get down to GI Joe’s gym

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