Friday, June 9, 2023
Life-saving equipment secured for Bynea

Life-saving equipment secured for Bynea

AN initiative, set in motion by the Bynea District Forum (BDF), has already led to the purchase and installation of two defibrillators at premises within Bynea; one at Harry Phillips and the other at Saron Hall.

Sufficient funds have been raised for a third defibrillator unit, to be installed at the Gospel Hall, Station Road, Bynea.

The Chair of BDF commented,”Whilst the BDF is, naturally, proud of the achievement, from proposal to installation in a matter of 4 months, we would be the first to acknowledge that the project could not have come to fruition without the assistance of local residents and businesses, who contributed via fund-raising events and financial donations, including a generous contribution, from the dormant funds of the now-disbanded Bynea Festival Committee.”

The backing, of local residents, for the Bynea District Lottery and the Quiz & Curry Night at the Sultan, has been vital in ensuring the project’s success.

Local businesses; Lynne & Carly Moto Style, Wendy’s Sewing House and Harry Phillips, Bynea, have contributed generously to the effort, with the Bell Inn holding a raffle.

“The BDF would also like to thank members of the Gospel Hall, Llanelli Rural Council and ‘Harry Phillips, Bynea,’ for allowing the defibrillators to be located at their respective premises.”

The defibrillator units are all to be sited on the outside walls of the relevant buildings and accessible to all at a time of urgent need.

The first training session, in the operation of the defibrillator equipment, took place at Harry Phillips showroom, on Thursday, (24th. May) with a near-maximum complement of local ‘learners’, with ‘Simon’ from “Cariad Defibrillators” providing a comprehensive tutorial.

Local resident, Mark Liley, who attended the training session said “ I for one, found the session extremely informative, and should I be required to use the knowledge gained, would now feel prepared to commit to such treatment, with a view to trying to save someone’s life”.

Further training sessions are to be arranged.

The Chair of the BDF concluded, “We see this achievement as a positive step forward, for the Forum and the local community and we hope that further support will be generated, as others see what can be achieved by working together.”

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