8th August 2022

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Lidl have plans for ‘wonky’ fruit and veg

Lidl: Leading the way on wonky fruit and veg rescue. Pics: David Hurford

MIS-SHAPED carrots, bruised apples and battered broccoli need fear no more. Imperfect bananas, lack lustre lychees and left on the shelf onions need not shed any more tears.

The supermarket giant, Lidl has announced that its Too Good To Waste wonky fruit and vegetable boxes will officially launch in England, Scotland and Wales stores after a successful trial.

Instead of adding to the mountain of waste this savvy company will be offering customers the chance to purchase  a 5kg box, which contains slightly damaged and deteriorated but still edible fruits and vegetables from the stores’ shelves for £1.50.

Lidl’s aim is to cut down on food waste. Over 50,000 boxes were sold during the trial at 122 stores, which launched in August 2018.

The fruit and veg will be gathered for customers by Lidl’s Freshness Specialists  each day placing them for sale from opening time to midday. Any leftover boxes will be sent to Lidl’s surplus food redistribution programme Feed It Back.

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