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Library hosts ‘Have Your Say’ on Ysgol Dewi Sant

Library hosts ‘Have Your Say’ on Ysgol Dewi Sant

Cllr Glynog Davies (centre) pictured with staff at Llanelli Library

PEOPLE are being reminded they can take place in the Ysgol Dewi Sant consultation at Llanelli Library. Views are being invited from now until October 11 for the plans to build a £9.1million new school in Llanerch.

A number of site options were explored, however Llanerch field, which has not been used for sporting activities for many years, was the one that best suited the criteria.

The consultation is taking place online or hard copies are available to complete in Llanelli Library.

Carmarthenshire’s executive board member for education and children’s services, Cllr Glynog Davies said: “We want to gather as many views as possible so we are making it as easy as we possibly can to encourage people to take part.

“For those who do not wish to complete the consultation form online there are facilities available in Llanelli Library.

“We would urge as many people as possible, particularly those whose children attend either Dewi Sant or Penygaer schools, and those living in the area, to have their say. We cannot take their views into account unless they tell us what they are.”

The current Ysgol Dewi Sant site and school buildings do not meet Carmarthenshire’s standards. The proposed high specification, modern building for the school would accommodate the increasing demand for Welsh medium education with 420 primary and 60 nursery places available.

A number of community benefits would also be provided such as the off-site car park for school and community use. Subject to planning being approved for the new Ysgol Dewi Sant, design work would begin on the redevelopment of Ysgol Penygaer which would inherit the existing Dewi Sant site, once they have occupied the new facility.

A formal planning application is expected to be submitted following the four-week consultation period. Feedback from the consultation will be captured in a pre-planning application consultation report which will form part of the process. The major investment would be part of Carmarthenshire County Council’s Modernising Education Programme (MEP),jointly funded by the council and the Welsh Government, through its 21st Century Schools initiative.

To take part in the online consultation visit

Editor’s comment: Llanelli Online Llanelli Online gets sent press releases from numerous outlets and we do our best to check the content. We have been alerted to what some consider to be an erroneous piece of text within this article. The word ‘many’ used in the context of how long the Llanerch field has been out of use is considered to be worthy of a challenge and as such Mr Kev Francis has done so. We would agree with Mr Francis having seen the evidence supplied for previous reports that Llanerch hasn’t been used for football for two Seasons. Speaking about the reason for the field not being in use Mr Francis said: “It was taken off the pitches the League were “leasing” off CCC due to two reasons.
1.the awful condition it was in due to lack of maintenence
2.It wasnt required in Season 14/15 but the League was fully intending to use in future.

“The deal was it was to be “mothballed” until it was required which it certainly is now and to give it time to recover to what had been, by many, described as the best pitch in Carmarthenshire. CCC would have people believe the League stated it was no longer required. The League told them last year that it wasn’t needed this Season but who knows in the future.”

We apologise for the inclusion of the word ‘many’ in the above article but stress that this was written by the County Council’s own press department.

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