Sunday, January 29, 2023
Let’s get behind our town centre says Lee Waters

Let’s get behind our town centre says Lee Waters

I don’t know about you, but it felt like a novelty being able to go out and do things again when the firebreak ended last Monday.

By going early, with a short sharp shock to the virus, we have given ourselves the best chance of a Christmas without significant restrictions.

That means businesses can have a clear run for their most important trading time of the year. The annual Small Business Saturday is taking place on 5th December, and we owe it to all those traders who’ve had such a tough year to give them the support they need right up to then and beyond.

It’s a well-known fact that a pound spent in a local business will bring a much bigger benefit to the wider community than one spent online. If every adult in the Llanelli area spent just £5 a week in the town centre, the local economy would gain some £10.4 million. So just as we’re thinking carefully about these new rules in our lives, let’s also spend and purchase wisely.

Over the next few months, we need to think big about the future. What will our town centre look like in ten or fifteen years’ time? High Street’s around the country are all asking themselves similar questions.

The Welsh Government has adopted a ‘Town Centre First’ principle. This means locating services in town centre’s wherever possible. That could be a doctors surgery, nursery or perhaps a co-working space for our new army of home-workers who want a social experience without the commute.

Above all, we need to give people reasons to come into town and linger. That starts with supporting those traders who are working so hard right now in Llanelli. Let’s get behind them and our town centre this Christmas.

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