26th September 2021

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Lee Waters discusses the latest COVID restrictions in Wales

RIGHT across the United Kingdom, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases are nudging up.

Even though, this was expected to happen in the Autumn, I am concerned with the situation; and I am particularly concerned that the rules about households mixing may not fully be understood.

Since last month, a total of four households can come together to form one large bubble. If any person within that bubble of four households contracts the virus, then all four households must self-isolate. You’re allowed to go out to pub and restaurants, but, once there, you’re not allowed to meet people outside of your bubble.

Sadly, there’s evidence to show that people just aren’t sticking to that guidance. You will have heard the news of a cluster of cases in Drefach recently which serves to demonstrate how quickly this virus can spread.

Along with rules on household mixing, the other main causes for the rise in positive cases are people returning from holidays abroad, bringing the virus back; and people returning to workplaces where the correct measures have not been put in place.

We are not out of the woods. The announcement of a local lockdown in Caerphilly and the Drefach incident should make us realise that. This is a highly contagious virus and we must not allow it to spread through our communities. Spreading this virus is the biggest worry we have right now and we all need to remember that.

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So from Monday, you will only be able to gather indoors with up to six people from your extended household bubble. This does not include children aged 11 and under. Outdoors, where the risk of transmission has been shown to be far lower, up to 30 people can still meet.

We will also make masks mandatory in shops and other indoor public places for everyone except the under elevens and those with health conditions that make them exempt.

These measures will help us keep our area safe, and I’m grateful to Carmarthenshire Council for stepping up their enforcement of social distancing guidelines at premises across Llanelli. But if we are to avoid a bumpy ride this Autumn, we all need to step up to the plate.

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