Lee Waters AM follows the double yellow lined road

Lee Waters AM follows the double yellow lined road

THE double yellow lines at Pembrey Country Park have become a hot topic of conversation on social media of late.

There was speculation about who may have done the terrible deed of painting the blight of most motorists on miles of single track road which lead to nowhere other than a fisherman’s car park.

Rarely would anyone in their right mind dare to block a single track road at Pembrey especially at the height of summer when locals head for the last remaining free point of access to the beach. A handfull of cars are usually parked there at any one time and most are considerate when passing usually tucking in to makeshift passing points.

The mystery and the madness of the double yellow lines has grabbed the attention of Llanelli’s AM Lee Waters who has made hs own video, which you can see here. 

Comments on the video include Gary Gravel who said: “As I stated in another page only way to get ccc to listen is hit them where it hurts the most in the pocket. Hold a day of protest and block the entrance on a day when they have big event on at Pembrey country park. Block it with cars horse boxes etc.”

Samantha Arthur thought the lines were insane. She said: It’s insane! It’s all about money! I’ve always parked there and many generations of my family have parked there! This was always an access for fishermen to use. Outrageous what they’ve done! They need to get their priorities right! Money obsessed council clowns ???

Jenna Rickwood said that she had emailed the council and had been ‘completely ignored’.

Alan James said he was shocked  at this ‘devious attempt to make us use the county park by stealth’.

Serah Thomas questioned the judgement of the people whose wages we pay. She said: “Another wonderful decision taken by Carmarthenshire County Council ? ? Just when you think you’ve seen it all ? I personally think some top end management needs to be brought down a peg or two on salaries as well as decision making. Can’t believe they are getting away with the things they do to the local people who pay their wages!!! What happened to democracy?”

Known for his love of cycling and the great outdoors: Lee Waters Am

Russel Johnston suggests challenging the council on legal grounds. he said: “This was done at my local beach in Scotland and other areas close by. Now I dont know the law in Wales but up here I was told a chap took the local council to court as you can’t double yellow both sides of a single track road. Worth looking into. The double yellow lines have all now been removed.”

Jason Duxberry also questioned the legality saying “Not entirely sure that CCC action Is legal , double yellows on a by way ? Restricted access to the coast for the local community who don’t necessarily want to make use of the country park facilities is very unfair and has no safety of environmental benefits. Nice to see you challenging it.”

Kevin Davies claims that signs have gone up requiring parking passes. He said: “There was a no parking sign down there stating, annual passes are available for £50, says it all. So many use it to walk they’re dogs, exercise or go surfing, not using the park facilities which we can no longer do for free. Apparently they have stated that it was done in error and are going to paint over them but they may plan to put pay and display down there.”

Anne Morgan called on family memories of generations accessing the beach for free. She said: “The road was the only access to the beach when I was a child and for generations before that. So how come suddenly there is so much attention being paid to this small road and small parking area, surely the CCC are not that desperate.”

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Ian James sees the lines as a waste of money. he said: “What a waste of our money like the two cycle paths on the link road. Embarrassing and culprits need to justify their actions to yourself and us the tax payers.  Thanks Lee.”

The lines had appeared along the internal roads shortly before the Tour of Britain cycling race, which began in the Carmarthenshire park.

Some on social media asked if it was anything to do with the race whilst others complained about the unfairness of being charged to enter the park and now having to face possible fines for parking on the internal roads.

The banks along the road leading to the country park had also been cordoned off with large tree trunks in the past. A small car park outside the park entrance is also said to have been made a pay and display area.

Many had commented that this is a money making scheme by the council.

“It is all about squeezing every last penny” said one Facebook user whilst another said “We, residents of Pembrey, pay in our council tax some of which goes towards funding for the park and we don’t get value for money.”

Speaking to Llanelli Online, local resident Peter A Tully said: “I feel quite outraged that the County council have imposed the restrictions for parking on a popular and well used car park.

“Many residents of Pembrey use this hidden gem for access to the beach at Pembrey Burrows. This is also access to a dog friendly beach.

“I feel that the council are trying to force people to park only in the Country Park at a cost.”

Carmarthenshire County Council have said that there was a public notice published in a local paper on July 14th.

We have contacted Carmarthenshire County Council for a response and we will update this article when we have received it.

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