Monday, December 5, 2022
Leader’s annual report outlines opportunities to Reflect, Reset, and Move Forward

Leader’s annual report outlines opportunities to Reflect, Reset, and Move Forward

THE Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council has presented his annual report, reflecting on the challenges of the last year and the opportunities it has presented to accelerate change and move Carmarthenshire forward.

Cllr Emlyn Dole said he was confident that Carmarthenshire will come out the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic for the better and vowed to grasp every opportunity to learn, adapt and develop.

In his ‘Reflect, Reset, Move Forward’ report, presented as to Council as part of its Annual General Meeting, he said there will be a renewed focus and energy as he leads the recovery of Carmarthenshire’s economy.

He said the council will support businesses to re-establish and flourish, create new jobs to help people back into work, and push on with the authority’s capital programme to create new opportunities and make best use of Carmarthenshire’s assets.

His report notes a variety of works already underway, and those that we can look forward to – including the regeneration of Llanelli town centre, a focused plan to improve the county’s rural economy, developments along the coast and the regeneration of key buildings including Llandeilo Market Hall.

He spoke of his commitment to supporting Carmarthenshire’s action against climate change, improvements in recycling including kerbside collections and at recycling centres; continued investment in highways infrastructures, the modernisation of social care and major programmes to build new schools and houses.

His report also outlined how he will ensure that the local economy is at the heart of procurement so that local people, businesses and supply chains benefit from the council’s investments and developments.

Finally, Cllr Dole provided a glimpse of a new tourism campaign that is being launched to support the growing sector by encouraging people to see the beauty and opportunities Carmarthenshire has to offer.

“Where there were challenges, we have also found opportunities. Opportunities to learn, and opportunities to accelerate change – opportunities to reset and do things differently,” he said.

“Carmarthenshire can – and will – come out the other side of this pandemic for the better, and I am determined not to let these opportunities pass. Let’s move Carmarthenshire forward and truly prosper.”

Watch the Leader’s annual report video:


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