Saturday, April 1, 2023
Leader of rural council plans survey and petition for future of Neville’s pub

Leader of rural council plans survey and petition for future of Neville’s pub

Possible accommodation space: The Neville’s Arms in Dafen

THE Leader of Llanelli Rural Council Tegwen Devichand has said that she along with three other rural councillors, Sharen Davies, Sue Lewis and Andrew Rogers has concerns regarding the future plans for the Neville’s Arms Public House in Dafen.

Cllr Devichand claims that Alan Andrews of the charity Chooselife met with two rural councillors and outlined his plan for the Neville’s in Dafen and that he was was proposing to put six individual bedsits upstairs with offices and a waiting room downstairs.

Cllr Devichand said: “This has caused concerns for  four rural councillors as this sort of development might not be conducive to the health and wellbeing of the community. There are  issues of traffic congestion and flooding. The cellar of the Neville’s has a stream running underneath it and pumps have to be kept on continually to stop the cellar flooding. We will be putting a survey-petition out for residents views on the proposals, which have been outlined by Mr Andrews.

We contacted Alan Andrews and asked what his plans were for the former public house. He said: “We bought the pub nearly a year ago but we have many options as to what to do with it. Mother and baby unit, shared housing, housing specifically for veterans, not sure yet as we are waiting for other things to fall into place. Whatever we use it for it will benefit the most at risk and vulnerable in Llanelli.

“Two rural councillors had the respect to meet me to listen to what our potential plans are although they have to listen to their electorate they also understood what we are trying to do. The county councillor also made his feelings clear as he also has to look after his electorate.”

We asked Mr Andrews if the building needed refurbishing. He said: “It needs a small amount of refurbishment to bring it up to standard.”

Asked who owned the property Mr Andrews said: “Chooselife are the owners.”

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