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Leader £47.07 Better Off

Leader £47.07 Better Off

Residents in the neighbouring wards of Llannon have claimed that the the Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council, Emlyn Dole is actually £47.07p per year better off than the people he represents in his Llannon and Tumble ward.  Mr Dole does not live in Llannon or Tumble. He shares a property in neighbouring Pontyberem with his partner Gwenda where the precept is lower. It may not be a significant amount of money but it has caught the attention of those who scrutinise the smaller things in life. Llanelli Online received a number of emails pointing out the differences. One resident commented:

It may not seem a lot but when you multiply £47.07 by the number of households in Llannon and Tumble it is a huge amount.

Residents claim that Llannon, which is represented by Plaid Cymru’s Emlyn Dole has the highest community precept in the county. The comments come following the publication of the precept figures for Carmarthenshire for 2017-18 on the County Council’s website. Some residents claim that the high precept is largely due to his party’s ill thought out Asset Transfer Policy. Llanelli Online has contacted the County Council for a comment from Mr Dole. We will bring you that statement as and when it arrives. Llanelli Online has looked at the figures and it appears that the difference is approximately £32.00. Readers can of course do their own calculations via the council’s own website.

Sean Rees of Plaid Cymru’s Llanelli Office said:

It is the responsibility of each Community Council to set their precepts. With savage cuts by the UK Government, meekly passed on to County Councils by a weak Labour Government in Cardiff, we know it won’t be easy. You can be confident though that Plaid will explore every avenue to make Llanelli a better place for you, your family and our communities.

We asked Carmarthenshire County Council for a statement from Mr Dole. We received the following response:

We can’t speak on behalf of Llannon Community Council, you will have to contact the council directly.

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