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Labour’s lack of ambition for Wales ‘a disgrace’ claims Helen Mary Jones

Labour’s lack of ambition for Wales ‘a disgrace’ claims Helen Mary Jones

HELEN Mary Jones has said that Labour’s lack of ambition for Wales is a disgrace. Speaking to Llanelli Online today, Tuesday (Aug 7) at the Morgan Academy on the Swansea University Bay Campus she spoke openly about her surprise at getting the chance to become the regional AM, criticism over retweets on transgender issues, Brexit and the disharmony within the party.

Helen Mary began by saying that she was shocked to get a phone call informing her that she had to make up her mind whether or not she would take the position of regional AM for Mid and West Wales.

Sitting in her office overlooking Swansea Bay the Plaid Cymru stalwart said::

“I could scarcely believe it when I got the phone call saying that I had to make up my mind whether to step up to the plate again. It wasn’t straight forward, my family were concerned about me taking on a big workload. It was not an easy decision but once made I believe I do feel I have done the right thing. That it was my duty especially under the difficult circumstances where the vacancy has arisen.”

The rejuvenated politician who had put political life behind her after losing at the last election said: “I had entirely put political life to the back of my mind. Once the shock of it all has subsided I will be able to enjoy being able to serve the people of Wales and the Mid and West Wales Region.

I don’t like this electoral system. Plaid Cymru have never supported it. I would much rather be finding myself in a situation where we would have had a by-election.”

Speaking about her views on the Labour party within the Welsh Assembly she said: “I do not trust Labour to deliver what Wales needs to become a great nation. When you are the First Minister you cannot keep blaming other people for your failings. Wales doesn’t need caution, we’ve had caution since 1282. It’s depressing to hear somebody of Carwyn Jones’s potential status our First Minister saying we are too poor and we are too weak. He has been First Minister for ten years. Why are we still poor and still weak? Wales would be better off economically and in every way as a self governing nation. I think their lack of ambition for Wales since devolution is a disgrace. They have been running our country now since 1999 and yet we are no better off economically so I am not going to take any lessons from Carwyn Jones on my ambitions for Wales. I’m not sure we can trust any of them

Speaking about her views on Brexit and an independent Wales Helen Mary said: “Who’s going to stand up better for Wales? I have a nightmare scenario post Brexit Wales is left on our own with England.”

You can watch the full interview here:

Llanelli Online Exclusive: Helen Mary Jones AM from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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