Sunday, April 2, 2023
Labour want control at County Hall

Labour want control at County Hall

CARMARTHENSHIRE Labour launched their manifesto today, Friday (Mar 31) at the Selwyn Samuel Centre in Llanelli. Key speeches were made by Jeff Edmunds, Tegwen Devichand and Rob James in which they highlighted some of the key issues facing the county today including social care, education, affordable housing, the environment and transparency in local government.

Also present were Nia Grifith MP and Lee Waters AM. Speaking about Labour’s chances in the forthcoming local elections Nia Griffith was positive that Labour could take control at County Hall in a coalition. 

There wasn’t much Plaid bashing if any. The focus appeared to be clear and positive. Carmarthenshire Labour want to make changes and shine a light into the dark corners at County Hall. Jeff Edmunds played his cards openly during the last Labour  leadership challenge when he said that he would hold officers including the CEO to account.

The independents chose to join Plaid Cymru last time round. Labour will be hoping that they have done enough to convince councillors from all other parties apart from Plaid Cymru to join them should the people of Carmarthenshire elect their candidates.

This promises to be one of the most interesting local elections for Carmarthenshire on record as numerous new candidates put themselves up for the votes of the villages and towns of Carmarthenshire.

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