Thursday, February 9, 2023
Labour and Unison Campaign To Save Ammanford Town Hall

Labour and Unison Campaign To Save Ammanford Town Hall

Carmarthenshire Council’s Labour Group teamed up this week with Unison in an effort to campaign against the proposed closure of four offices across Carmarthenshire, including Ammanford Town Hall.
Plaid and Independent Councillors in Carmarthenshire Council are currently considering closing four offices across Carmarthenshire, as part of their Agile Working project. The proposal would see Ammanford Town Hall, Old Library, Ammanford, Nant y Ci and 5-8 Spillman Street close, with over 140 staff being affected.
Speaking on the campaign, Councillor Rob James, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, stated ‘The proposal to close Ammanford Town Hall and the Old Library by Carmarthenshire Council is deeply concerning.
‘The Labour Group is proud to join Unison and our trade union colleagues to campaign to save the Town Hall and the Old Library buildings.
‘The closure of both buildings would have an enormous impact on local traders, with fewer Council employees working in Ammanford. The proposed annual saving of £90,000 a year with the closure of both would be a drop in the ocean of the £12.5 million that the Plaid-led Authority aim to cut next year.
‘This is a policy that the Labour Group does not support and we will continue to put pressure on Plaid and Independent Councillors to change their mind.’
Branch Secretary of Unison, Mark Evans, said ‘Yet again council employees are expected to pay for the lack of opposition to cuts from Plaid and Independent Councillors.
‘If these jobs are moved it will impact on many of our members incomes and work life balance. Everyday council employees spend money locally and the loss of these jobs in Ammanford will have a significant impact on local shops in the town centre.
‘Plaid and Independent Councillors can be accused of not being open about their intentions on this matter, probably because they fear the public backlash and the reaction of Unison members.
‘Unison will oppose the closure of these two buildings and fight for the jobs to stay in Ammanford.’

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