Labour group unhappy with prospect of Tory Mayor elect for Llanelli

LLANELLI Town Council has its first ever Tory Mayor elect (Cllr Chris Griffiths) and the Labour group on the Town council are not happy. As an industrial town famous for its coal and  tin industry,  there has never been a tory MP in the town’s history although the blue rosette brigade have been known to spoil Plaid Cymru’s  election party on occasion.

Town Councillor Siôn Davies was elected as a Conservative in 2017, a party previously extinct on the council.

Cllr Davies has since had a number of Labour and Independent councillors defect to the Conservatives, further increasing the party’s influence in the town.

Supporting the Tory Mayor elect: Plaid Cymru councillor Winston Lemon

A Llanelli Labour Group spokesperson said: “Two Plaid councillors, Cllr Terry Davies of Tyisha Ward and Cllr Winston Lemon of Glanymor Ward voted yes for a Tory Mayor.  Even more incredibly Cllr Terry Davies has agreed to be his deputy and support him. The Labour Group of councillors unanimously voted against on principle.”

Calling for a by-election: Cllr David Darkin

Leader of the Labour Group Cllr David Darkin said, “The councillors who were elected in 2017 and then left were elected under a Labour banner and many of the people who voted for them tell me they are disgusted, they voted for Labour councillors because they wanted Labour councillors and they believe they should have the decency to resign and have by-elections. If they believe they are still wanted they shouldn’t have a problem, however I doubt if they will and with 2 years left to the next council elections there’s still time for them to join the Lib-Dems and Greens.”

Cllr Darkin added: “I don’t know what’s happened to Plaid Cymru in this town, I know they’ve had a difficult time with in-fighting and falling out with each other but still although we hold differing views I always had the utmost respect for them. I wonder what Gwynfor Evans would say right now given their latest antics.”

Cllr Chris Griffiths said: “It is sour grapes we left through bullying. They never asked for a by-election when anyone defected like Rob Evans and others who left and rejoined. When people leave the Labour party they want a by-election. It is sour grapes. Nia Griffith was stripped of a big majority in the last election. They have been derogatory about me and if they want to stoop that low it is up to them. They need to be very careful they don’t overstep in to the realms of libel with their allegations. I am looking forward to being Mayor for Llanelli and doing the best I can for the town. It is all political nonsense. They should be more open minded and be prepared for change because change is going to come. I am ready for whatever they throw at me.”

Note: This piece erroneously named Cllr Siôn Davies as the Mayor-elect and former Labour Councillor. We have since corrected the error and apologise for the confusion or distress caused.



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