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Kidwelly goes Carnival Crackers

Kidwelly goes Carnival Crackers

WHAT a perfect day for a carnival it was on Saturday (Jul 14). At around 12 midday a plethora of characters including Elvis Presley, Old Miss Donald and her family, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Wonder Woman and a Panda driving a tractor made their way to Parc Stephens to take part in the parade.

The carnival field was already decked out with stalls and fairground rides as well as a stage set for magician Van Buren. No Red Arrows or Red Barrows this year.

At 12.30 the crowning of the Carnival Queens took place followed swiftly by the judging of walkers and floats.

This year’s Carnival Queens were Seren Evans (Fairy Queen), Leonie Taylor (Carnival Queen) with attendants being Phoebe Rollason, Mia Williams, Phoenix Barton, Jesse House, Brooke Thomas and Bethany King. Kian Major was Prince Charming.

At 1pm the parade left the park led by the Kidwelly Fire Crew and a convoy of vintage tractors. Music was provided by the Carmarthen Symphonic Band.

The Mayor of Kidwelly Phil Thomson welcomed Nia Griffith MP and civic dignitaries to his humble abode including the Chairman of Carmarthenshire County Council Mansel Charles, Mayor of Llanelli David Darkin and a number of county, town and rural councillors.

They promptly joined the parade, some on foot while others opted for the cool air con of motor vehicles.

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Kidwelly had put the flags out and the town looked sparklingly clean as the crowds cheered on friends and family who had to make the long walk up to the castle and on a loop around the town before finishing back at Parc Stephens where cold drinks and lashings of sandwiches and cakes were on offer.

If only every day were a carnival day. The atmosphere was wonderful with families enjoying the July sunshine and the entertainment on offer including music from The Rookz.  As the day came to a close many headed for further entertainment in the town’s pubs and rugby club and Kidwelly showed us once more how a community can come together for a good time with not a whiff of trouble in sight.

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Look out for our special film of the carnival here soon.

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