Saturday, April 1, 2023
K Sharp open new office in Llanelli

K Sharp open new office in Llanelli

Managing Director: Barry Kirby

K Sharp has spread its footprint by opening up a new office in Llanelli, South Wales, whilst keeping an office in Gloucester.

With the lowering and eventual removal of the Severn bridge tolls and the opportunities that will bring for increasing connectivity between England and Wales, Barry Kirby, the Managing director has taken the opportunity to open up a new office in Llanelli.

The location is 10 minutes away from the M4 in a strategy to open up exposure to new local opportunities within Wales as well as ensure the relationships within Gloucester are maintained, especially with regard to the ongoing relationship with the University of Gloucestershire, and key project industrial partners.

Barry said “this is an exciting move that not only enables us to take advantage of a wider set of opportunities, we have a strong record for delivering Human Science research and Human Factors Consultancy out of Gloucester, and we now have the opportunity to do the same out of Llanelli.”

He went on to say “whilst we will still be supporting our Military customers in the UK, we will also be looking to make more of our research and activates in Smart Cities, where we hope to make strong use of both Llanelli and Gloucester to research into and help the engagement of residents in the development of Smart Cities and Smart Technologies.”

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