Monday, June 5, 2023

Judge Jules belts out some Tammy Wynette at the office karaoke

The women's struggle for equality has spanned the last two centuries and we are told, we are as a society, making progress. A far cry from Tammy Wynette's song, 'Stand By Your Man' it may be but Judge Jules (not a real judge) maintains that the struggle is far from over. She writes:

Fast forward nearly five decades and I think it is harder than ever to be a woman in today’s society. We want it all, careers, a family and time for our own social lives.

When I started my career I had it all mapped out. I had finished university, secured a job, was purchasing a property with my then partner and the 2.4 children life I envisaged was on track. I had this life sussed. However, God, fate, life had other plans.

I became a director of Gomer Williams several years after qualifying. This pretty much coincided with me becoming a single mother. Life certainly took an exciting if not challenging turn at this point.

Now my days are filled with chaos. The day generally starts with a whacky races style school run as I drive like a rally driver to ensure my little girl gets to breakfast club before they close the door. With that achievement under my belt, I then resume my onward journey to work trying to recompose myself (on one occasion or possibly two realising I had only shaved one leg in the morning madness) for the day.

Most days prove to be eventful, but some days are more memorable than others. We have had it all from murder confessions to suicide notes. To say you could not write it is an understatement.

When I finish the working day I try and cram in some exercise. Being relatively young I am body conscience (or vain if you prefer). I sign up to many running events but generally curse my very existence and every step whilst I run, followed by the euphoria and sense of accomplishment at the finish line.

Then there’s the whole dating conundrum. I think I have provided my friends with much entertainment (and possibly exhaustion) over recent years with my May Day/SOS messages as I attempt to unravel myself from sticky ‘man situations’. They will be pleased to know that I recently undertook a Facebook quiz (good authority I find) and I am to be married in 12 months (hope my boyfriend is not reading this). Bridgette Jones eat your heart out.

I am, however, not complaining. As a woman it maybe fraught at times, but I can have it all and I would not change a thing.

Juliet Phillips-James of Gomer Williams Solicitors writes for Llanelli Online.

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