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Jones and Price’s showdown is compulsive viewing on Senedd TV

Jones and Price’s showdown is compulsive viewing on Senedd TV

What is this, Putin’s Russia?: Adam Price AM/AC

There have been so many great TV comedy shows, which focus on the bickering and arguing of couples, which have graced our TV screens over the years. Think of Love Thy Neighbour, The Odd Couple, Rising Damp, The Likely Lads even Del Boy and Rodney had their moments. Sadly many of these gems have vacated our screens and the PC culture has left us with sanitised programmes where you may have to make sure you are alone for fear of laughing and being labelled with the trendiest labels of 2018 like misogynistic.

One TV outlet is bucking the trend by providing entertainment in good old fashioned non PC style as the first minister Carwyn Jones and Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price went head to head at the Senedd during the Plenary meeting today, Tuesday (Jan 30), which was broadcast on Senedd TV.

In answer to questions from Adam price asking what guidance the Welsh health board had provided to local health boards on the transformation of clinical services  the first minister answered and following more questions on the Hywel Dda University Health Board the first minister  began detailing emails between Adam Price and the health board. The first minister also told the chamber that ‘he (Adam Price) has even been offered a telephone call with the health board on the 20th of January but he turned that down. He is great at grandstanding in this place without doing the work on behalf of his constituents’.

Plaid Cymru AM’s could be heard objecting to the first minister’s disclosures and Adam Price asked: ‘What is this, Putin’s Russia? Goodness gracious me’. Adam Price demanded that the first minister resign to which Carwyn Jones replied ‘truth hurts, you’ve been caught out’.

Adam Price continued to protest and said that the first minister had used privileged information against an Assembly Member. Mr Jones continued to insist, ‘you’ve been caught out’.

It led to the Presiding Officer Elin Jones saying that she had also been in communication with the health board She said: “I would just say that the local health board probably has information regarding whether I answered emails or phone calls to them as well and I wouldn’t want that personally shared in this house.”

Adam price continued to protest and ask the first minister to resign. Barely audible the first minister told Adam price to ‘shut up’ and then went on to say ‘what an idiot’.

The showdown came as a result of the First Minister reading out details of emails between the Hywel Dda University Health Board and Adam Price and disclosing that a phone call had been made between the two parties. Adam Price  accused the First Minister of breaching data protection.

The Welsh Government claimed that it was told of these attempts by the Hywel Dda University Health Board itself.

Plaid Cymru have accused the first minister of improperly using data in assembly proceedings.

Plaid Cymru say that they are now taking legal advice with Adam price having accused the first minister of giving “factually incorrect” information and misleading the chamber.

You can watch a section of the broadcast here:

Jones and Price go head to head at the Senedd from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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