Thursday, December 1, 2022

Jesus offers a dynamic strategy not heard at any political party conference

THE political party conferences begin this weekend with the Liberal Democrats meeting at sunny Brighton. With increased membership and a new proposal for electing their future leaders it’s going to be interesting to see how the party faithful will respond.

Reverend David Jones writes for Llanelli Online.

The Labour Party meet in Liverpool a week later with Mr. Corbyn under the spotlight following a summer dominated by the anti-Semitism issue and a call for unity in the ranks as many moderate MP’s feel under real threat of deselection.

What can we say about the Conservative party? Mrs. May is going to have a hard time in Manchester keeping her ’Checkers’ plan alive. Is Boris actually lurking in the background biding his time to grasp the crown – who knows?

In October Plaid Cymru brings the season to a close with an all-out leadership contest. Will Leanne survive? – again we’ll just have to wait and see.

The conferences are, of course, not only for the faithful but an important media event when we all have the opportunity to see how the parties are faring. Carefully put together and presented with an eye on the TV audience there’s a lot to win and much more to lose especially in the hour or so the leaders are on their feet.

Then there’s the inevitable standing ovation as the parties hail their chiefs and everyone hopes that there’s a few more votes in the bag! However, in the end its your choice and mine because that’s what democracy is all about!

It’s the same as faith is concerned. There’s enshrined in God’s Word the freewill to live by faith or not. That’s the personal integrity and freedom which God gives us and in the end the decision is ours whether to trust and believe or not. There is, however, much to help us make the choice to believe.

Jesus gave us what is known as the ‘Sermon on the mount’ the most powerful and dynamic strategy on which to live our lives. Such commands as going the second mile in help and support of all who are in need, resisting violence and giving to those in need.

The dynamic Gospel truths that Jesus made challenged the empty religiosity of his day and brought life and hope to every need. His friendship and love was for the lost and lonely and those who were thought to be beyond redemption – Jesus said ‘I will turn none one away who comes to me’ a promise he makes to this very day!

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