Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Jellitots graduates ‘move on up’

GRADUATION is a big event for most people but spare a thought for these little ones from the Jellitots Nursery in Morfa who donned their caps and gowns and walked out in front of a crowd of proud parents.

It is another step along the road of the exciting journey they will all take and who knows where that journey will take them. Doctors, nurses, politicians, teachers? The world is their oyster.

As these children received their portfolio containing the pictures, photographs and momentos from their time at Jellitoyts it was easy to see how vital these early years services are within the community.

The staff may have shed some tears watching their little friends leave but for the children a new door opens as they venture up to the ‘Big School’.

The day was a celebration of their achievements however small they were. As they completed the races there were examples of high quality care as the staff held their hands, dusted them down when they fell and proudly pinned their 1st 2nd and 3rd stickers on. By the end of the day it wa shard to tell who finished where as parents, staff and children displayed stickers on T-shirts, on noses, foreheads and anywhere else they felt they would stick to.

As parents and grand parents sat in the July sunshine relatively relaxed until the Mum’s and Dad’s race that is, the staff were already thinking about the next intake and no doubt making plans to provide them with the exact same recipe of love and care.

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