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Jack Sargeant wants lessons to be learned

Jack Sargeant wants lessons to be learned

Visiting homes in Llanelli: Carl Sargeant

The dust may have settled at the Welsh Assembly following some turbulent times when allegations of bullying were flying around the chamber like mosquitos plaguing the first minister Carwyn Jones. On Wednesday (Feb 7) The son of Carl Sargeant, Jack said: “We are still devastated by Dad’s death. There are questions to be answered.

Paul Starling was at the count when Jack was declared the new assembly member for Alyn and Deeside. Speaking to Llanelli Online he said: “Last night Carl Sargeant’s son took up his father’s fight for truth and justice. Not just for Carl, but for the hard-pressed people of Alyn & Deeside.”

Mr Starling said that he believed that Jack will now fight to clear his father’s name and blamed those at the top of Welsh Labour for hounding Carl Sargeant to the point where he took his own life. Mr Starling asserts that legal process was not followed in the dismissal of Carl Sargeant and that he was found guilty before he had a chance to defend himself. None of this has been proven and the first minister continues to insist that he has done nothing wrong.

The first minister has agreed to launch an independent inquiry into his handling of the harassment allegations against Carl Sargeant, following criticism from the sacked minister’s grieving relatives. A senior QC will examine his “actions and decisions” in relation to Carl Sargeant

Mr Starling has questioned whether or not other Welsh Labour AM’s will continue to place their loyalty with Carwyn Jones above their duty to justice and the pursuit of truth and says that the best support those assembly members could give Carl’s son is to give him all the support they can to clear his father’s name.

Lending his full support: Jeremy Corbyn

Jack Sargeant is a man in the spotlight. He increased his father’s majority by over 6,000 votes at the by-election. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lent his support. Carwyn Jones was absent, although he did acknowledge the scale of Jack’s success.

On winning the seat Jack Sargeant said: “Let”s go back to traditional Labour values and look after those who can’t look after themselves.

“Let’s be kind to each other. A lesson I learned from my Dad”.

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