Saturday, April 1, 2023

It’s a boy!

Thought for the week: Rev David Jones

IT’S a boy! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their new born son on Monday while the media of the world waited in anticipation. They were soon rewarded as mum and dad proudly appeared on the hospital steps with their baby boy snugly in his mother’s arms. It’s amazing that some people had camped outside the hospital for days just to witness the moment and they weren’t disappointed. To the delight and cheers of the crowds pictures were immediately beamed all over the world while this little baby boy, oblivious to it all, made his entry into the world.

Now the speculation of what name or indeed names will be given to William and Kate’s third child will go into overdrive. Despite being born on St George’s Day that name will certainly be eliminated as his elder brother has beaten him to it! Top of list, so we are told, are Arthur, Albert, Frederick, James and Philip, and yet nothing is guaranteed. Who knows, the young couple may well throw convention to the wind with a name that will surprise us all. We’ll just have to wait and see!

The birth of our children is always a special time and will be as well for William, Kate and their children George and Charlotte. Grandparents, great-grandparents royal and not, will surely share the joy and delight which always comes when new life is welcomed. Those of us who are parents and even grandparents will fondly remember this experience which is always joined with a mixture of anticipation and relief that a time of waiting is over.

A new birth is always a reason for thanksgiving but also a time of reflection as we face the reality of a world where so many babies are born into abject poverty and need. UNICEF which works tirelessly to eradicate child poverty reports that infant mortality is increasing in many parts of the world with survival rates for the newly born measured in days rather than years. Jesus had a special place for children and so must we. We celebrate the safe arrival of a child born to be fifth in the line of succession to the throne while at the same time never forgetting that we have a responsibility to all the children of the world. To build for them a world where every child is valued, cared for, and loved. ‘For’ as Jesus said ‘such as theirs the kingdom of heaven’

Thought for the  week is written  by Reverend David Jones of Greenfield Baptist Church, Llanelli

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