Friday, January 27, 2023
Introducing Mark Jennings

Introducing Mark Jennings

THE story of the week and one, which has kept going for quite some time was the results of the air pollution levels for 2018, which showed month on month levels of air pollution above the health limit.

Local campaigner Ray Jones has been calling for a bypass to take the traffic off Sandy Rd.

Local politicians insist the council are to blame for allowing more homes to be built and not getting the control and flow of traffic right.

They have called for more cycling and walking to and from school, college and work, car sharing and more use of public transport.

Here our new cartoonist Mark Jennings provides his take on the issue with a sideways look at life on Sandy Road.

You may notice that Mark’s work is very similar to one of Llanelli’s finest cartoonists Roger Bowles (Rog) who sadly passed away in 2018.

No coincidence as Mark spent some time at Roger’s studio and took note of his technique.

Shortly before Roger passed away he messaged Llanelli Online to express his disillusionment with local news reporting. He said that he believed it did not represent the way he saw events.

Rog submitted a cartoon to us but ill health meant he was unable to supply us thereafter.

We are so glad that Mark has taken up that mantle and we think you will agree. His work is fantastic.


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