The Independent Independent Caiach

The Independent Independent Caiach

Dr. Sian Caiach: Now standing as an independent

The political party People First will not be allowed to field candidates under that party name at the forthcoming council elections in Carmarthenshire in May. Speaking to Llanelli Online today, Wednesday (Mar 15) Sian Caiach said:

All existing parties have to register by post or online and include a completed form (either by post or submitted online) and a non-refundable fee of £25. We  were unaware that the fee had not been sent until one of the candidates submitted their papers at County Hall. Unfortunately the person responsible for ensuring the fee had been paid has suffered a series of health problems and the payment was overlooked.


Far from being a major disaster for the party the People First candidate said:


I will still be standing but as an independent. That is what People First is anyway.

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Sian Caiach will be standing as Independent for the Hengoed Ward.

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