Monday, December 5, 2022
‘I’m in it to win it,’ says Hengoed Independent candidate Ray Jones

‘I’m in it to win it,’ says Hengoed Independent candidate Ray Jones

As part of a series of interviews in the run up to the local elections of 2022 we caught up with the outspoken Ray Jones, Independent candidate for the Hengoed Ward.

Ray is no stranger to our letters page and he has campaigned doggedly for improvements to the Sandy Road area, which is blighted by heavy traffic, noise and air pollution as well as localised flooding and a monstrous fence known as the Berlin Wall, which borders the Stradey Park Housing estate.

One would expect Ray to have a rant about the need for a bypass but he has mellowed a little and has chosen to fight that issue along with many others at the ballot box.

Speaking to us today, Monday (Apr 4) Ray said that he was standing to try and change things having lived in the area since 1966. There are a lot more cars on the road than way back then when Bobby Moore lifted the Jules Rimet trophy.

Labour will be hoping that the onslaught of New Independent candidates will not impact to adversely on their chances. There is already some controversy surrounding the name as it has not been registered as a group. Many are also former Labour councillors who have left the party. Some are alleging that this is a planned and manufactured attempt to lose Labour seats in wards across Carmarthenshire and that despite the electorate believing that they are still within hose Labour political values, they are in fact playing into the Plaid Cymru camp and may well get into bed with what for them was historically the enemy. Of course that might come with a comfortable appointment as an executive, bringing with it a considerable hike in wages.

Ray Jones is having none of that. He said he was standing alone as an Independent in the true sense of the word and that he would vote on decisions with another party if that decision was in the best interests of his constituents should he be elected.

You can listen to the full interview with Ray Jones here.


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