I feel sorry for Sandy Road residents

I feel sorry for Sandy Road residents

I have just been reading your article about what is happening in Sandy Road (No football as developers fence off makeshift pitch)and no place to play for the children, etc. I really feel sorry for the residents of Sandy Road who have to live with the dust and pollution of the building sites there.

Where is the Health and Safety or Environment Officers to monitor the builders (Taylor Wimpey)? There seems to be no thought or consideration for those living nearby to the development or even for the families that they are trying to attract there to live by not providing some sort of play facilities for the younger generation which would help towards mental and physical well being of children which I believe is a big issue with the Welsh Government at the moment.

I suffer from asthma and I was visiting my friend in Sandy Road one day last week and because of it being so hot we were sat inside the conservatory with the doors open but the dust that was coming in from the back lane was awful and
making us both cough. There is quite a distance from the back lane to the house as my friend has rather a large garden and garage in between the two. After a couple of hours I went to leave and could not believe the amount of dust and
dirt on my car which I had cleaned just 2 days before and had to clean again in readiness for driving people to a funeral the next day! Needless to say I was not very happy but then I am only a visitor to the street and only had to put up with the  not very nice unhealthily dirty conditions for such a short time unlike the residents who have to cope with the noisy, dusty and awful conditions all day and every day.

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